Vintage Fishing Decor

I have fond memories of spending days at sea working on a game fishing boat off the Great Barrier Reef watching fishermen play a waiting game of catching the big one. It was an amazing experience & when the game was on, it was incredible to watch the big fish jump out of the ocean and the fishermen spend hours trying to reel them in. 
As I sit here reminiscing and writing this, I note I am surrounded here in my office of vintage fishing pieces that were once used in days gone by. I love the style of the old fishing gear. Wicker creels, wooden reels, fishing nets and glass floats. 
  For example, my style is similar to Tara's Dennis as seen here. I have stacked a couple of old creels on top of each other and they also work as extra storage. I have a few old reels on a bookshelf and had some made into mirrors & hung on the wall. There is also a collection of old hand nets and some lovely vintage fishing art work adorning the walls. 
So if you're looking for a little more inspiration, here are a few styling ideas to bring in a little vintage fishing decor into your home in a way that is a little rustic, yet chic and not too masculine or that looks like a man cave. 
(Unless you are styling a man cave, here are some ideas for you too!) 
A lovely fishing vignette on the coat hook.
Place a couple of old wooden reels up on the wall like it has been done here in a holiday home at Mudjimba Beach. 
To see more of this Cape Cod inspired house click here
Turn an old minnow trap into a lightshade. 
Style the outside or inside with some lobster pot buoys
 If you're a collector of reels, display them on a wall like this. It looks great doesn't it?
 What about an old canoe in the living area or up the stairs?
 Old fishing reels made into mirrors. 
 Speargun above the bar & glass float on the shelf.
 A collection of old fishing rods looks great on the wall in this modern apartment in NY. 
And finally, paint some old fishing buoys to add a little colour and interest outside or in the garden. . 

Do you have a collection of old fishing gear? If so, how have you displayed yours?

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until next time,

lover of the sea and all things coastal vintage

Sally x

image credits: Pinterest


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