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Decorating with Glass Buoys / Floats

There is something alluring about a glass float. So beautiful and round that has spent time in our oceans. When they escape nets floating in the ocean, they are like a mysterious message in a bottle that has been set adrift in the hope someone will find it years later. And, when they are found washed up ashore, one must wonder how long was it at sea & where did it come from? Here in Australia, we don't find many washed up on our shores as foreign fishing boats no longer fish in our waters like they did over 50-years ago.  These days, we find them from previous collectors or from our supplier in Japan who collects them from old fishermen who no longer use them.
Below are some inspirational ideas on how to style old glass floats in your home, cafe, bar or restaurant.  I love how interior stylist Shannon Fricke has them hanging from the ceiling from old boat pulleys inside a beach house.  For the love of a home blogger has them stacked up inside an old wire basket & on an ol…

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