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A Visit to Mallorca, Spain

Almost a decade has passed since I left the yachting industry (where I worked as a chef on board private yachts) and I called Mallorca, Spain my second home. I finally decided last year it was time to book a ticket, go back, see friends and explore the options of finding and importing old wares from Europe. This was taken from the Old Town Palma. Many times I set sail coming and going from this port heading for the South of France, for the Red Sea, Scandinavia and the Eastern Mediterranean.  It was wonderful to wander the streets of the old town with my friend Kyla again. Fisherman still repair their nets down by Pier 46 and the fishing port.  One of the many marinas filled with boats along the Paseo. 
I revisted one of the boat yards & ran into old friends and crew who are still working in the game. And then I spotted this sweet old boat below. I couldn't believe it! I set sail on this 80' Bennetti back in 2001 from Palma, Mallorca across the Mediterranean to Egypt, down the R…

House & Garden Feature

We've had a few of our lovely old wares featured in the latest Australian House & Garden magazine.  Take a look at these dreamy coastal style photos. It all looks simply beautiful.  Styling by talented Kayla Gex.  We made the front cover! :) with one of our old fishing nets.  It was also featured on this page alongside photographer and product designer Kara Rosenlund's beautiful handmade wooden spoons. Kara was one of my greatest inspirations for starting Coastal Vintage. It was after meeting her at the New Farm markets 4-years ago where I found her selling old wares out of her restored Bondwood Caravan 'Frankie' that I realised that it wasn't only coastal style wares I wanted to sell, it was coastal vintage wares.  Selling old wares is in the blood from my Dad's side of the family in the UK. It started with my beautiful Nanna who was an antique dealer and so was my late Uncle, and then his two sons also bought and sold antiques. Our custom designed Duck egg stri…