Decorating with Glass Buoys / Floats

There is something alluring about a glass float. So beautiful and round that has spent time in our oceans. When they escape nets floating in the ocean, they are like a mysterious message in a bottle that has been set adrift in the hope someone will find it years later. And, when they are found washed up ashore, one must wonder how long was it at sea & where did it come from? Here in Australia, we don't find many washed up on our shores as foreign fishing boats no longer fish in our waters like they did over 50-years ago.  These days, we find them from previous collectors or from our supplier in Japan who collects them from old fishermen who no longer use them.
Below are some inspirational ideas on how to style old glass floats in your home, cafe, bar or restaurant.  I love how interior stylist Shannon Fricke has them hanging from the ceiling from old boat pulleys inside a beach house.  For the love of a home blogger has them stacked up inside an old wire basket & on an ol…

Styling with Clam Shells & Coral

Styling with clam shells and coral pieces are a great way to create that fresh coastal look into your home. Shown below are some inspirational ideas on where & how you can display giant clam shells & coral. Whether it be on the coffee table, sideboard, bookshelf, in the bathroom, living area or bedroom. These pieces will bring a little of the seaside inside! :) These beautiful pieces of coral displayed on a foyer table are enhanced by being displayed together in a rattan tray.  The stunning blue piece gives it a little contrast. A giant clam shell filled to the brim of beachombing finds and pieces of coral is a great way to showcase your finds.  A giant clam shell is also a wonderful way to display beautiful old glass fishing floats.  By displaying one piece of spectacular coral on a stack of interior design books creates a elegant space.  Or if you're a little coral obsessed, display your collection in a lovely old cabinet or shelves. or in a big rattan tray on the coffee table …

Coastal Vignettes

Turning a house into a home with your own creative style can sometimes take years. I'm still creating and styling my home after moving in 3-years ago. From coffee & side tables to mantelpieces and bookshelves, styling up your space with pieces that tell a story and pieces that you love, will really make your home unique and your own.  Firstly, you may ask, what is a vignette?
It's a way to style/arrange your favourite things to create a picture and a visual joy. A bit like creating a 3-D painting. This photo is of the shelves in my home office. A collection of vintage items and things from the sea collected while at sea or on holidays. I think the most interesting vignettes are those with meaning. Pieces gathered over time with stories to tell and that bring back fond memories. 
So how do you style a coastal vignette?
Choose your frame - a tray, table, shelf, mantlepiece, bookcase or a wall.
Create a balance of different shapes, sizes & texture by using shells, palm l…

Relaxed Coastal Style

Do you find yourself day dreaming of white sandy beaches, crystal-clear oceans and beautiful sailing yachts? Relaxed coastal style decor is a fun way to steer that carefree holiday feel to your home.  And even if you don't have a beach house or boat, including these items into your space can make your home feel like a seaside retreat. A collection of old vintage paddles looks great on the wall  or new ones similar to our duck egg blue stripe oars seen here on the cover of Home Beautiful magazine this year.   A beautiful old maritime chart to remind you of days spent by a special seaside place or out at sea. A porthole window in the shower or a couple in the kitchen as seen below will make the space feel like you're on a boat!  Vintage seaside paintings bring in a bit of nostalgia & make a space interesting.  Old letterpress are great for displaying shells found on holidays. And a collection of coral & a clam shell on a shelf completes the relaxed coastal style.

Check out…

Vintage Fishing Decor

I have fond memories of spending days at sea working on a game fishing boat off the Great Barrier Reef watching fishermen play a waiting game of catching the big one. It was an amazing experience & when the game was on, it was incredible to watch the big fish jump out of the ocean and the fishermen spend hours trying to reel them in.  As I sit here reminiscing and writing this, I note I am surrounded here in my office of vintage fishing pieces that were once used in days gone by. I love the style of the old fishing gear. Wicker creels, wooden reels, fishing nets and glass floats.    For example, my style is similar to Tara's Dennis as seen here. I have stacked a couple of old creels on top of each other and they also work as extra storage. I have a few old reels on a bookshelf and had some made into mirrors & hung on the wall. There is also a collection of old hand nets and some lovely vintage fishing art work adorning the walls.  So if you're looking for a little more in…

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